Sunrise is youth led movement to stop climate change and create millions of good jobs in the process. 

We are mobilizing the DFW area to make climate change an urgent priority, end the corrupting influence of fossil fuel money, and stand up for the health and well-being of all people.

We are connected to the national movement of ordinary people scared about the climate crisis and what it means for the people and places they love. Climate change is already affecting Texas residents and it is only getting worse.

Public opinion is already with us, and by coming together we can create the political will to change the trajectory of our future, and the Green New Deal is key to that change.


Currently in the DFW area we're based in Northern Dallas, and we're working to support people creating hubs in Southern Dallas and Fort Worth, as well as the suburbs.


 Drop your info below an we will get back to answer any questions. If you want to get involved with us please include a link to one of your

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 Large scale passive public support is not enough to beat fossil fuel money, and save our future from catastrophe. We have to be active. We have to take to the offices and public spaces our elected officials occupy. We have to vote, early and vote in every election. The best place to start is by simply coming to a meeting . We also host recruiting drives and other events where you can become a part of the change you want to see. *

* Due to the Covid -19 pandemic all in person activities have been suspended until further notice. We will be having online days of action posted shortly. Follow us on social media  or add your info in the "GET INVOLVED" form above to get updates. 

No upcoming events at the moment

Getting the Green New Deal is going to take time, that is why we are taking action in other ways while we build the political will to pass legislation. We identified many local issues that we can work on, from Dallas's own Comprehensive Environmental Climate Action Plan (CECAP) to identifying and endorsing officials or candidates that support bold climate action.  We are taking time to talk with our friends, neighbors and as many Dallas residents a we can about climate change and what we can do to to stop it. 



Light is returning

even though this is the darkest hour

no one can hold back

back the dawn.

Lets keep it burning

lets keep the flame of hope alive

make safe our journey 

through the storm.

And as we're striking

we will be standing side by side

our generation

on the rise.